Management Team

Havas Media Canada has two co-managing directors, Kevin Johnson in Toronto and Isabel Gingras in Montreal.

Kevin Johnson, SVP, Co-Managing Director, Havas Media Canada

Kevin has been Co-Managing Director of Havas Media Canada now for three years, as this growing media agency continues to increases their profile in the market and demonstrates their strength of “Leading new thinking”.

Kevin passions include teen mentor ship, fatherhood, and sports.

His expertise are in client leadership, strategy and innovation.

Kevin has had 15+ years in the industry and has worked on many accounts including P&G, Subway, Intact Insurance, Fidelity, Volvo, Quiznos and G&M

Isabel Gingras, SVP Managing Director, Havas Media Canada

Isabel Gingras

Isabel is a media expert.

While her media proficiency has brought her great success for her clients, she is most proud of her tact as a negotiator. With a background in client services, Isabel’s purview is vast, fully comprehensive of all aspects of the media business, and ever self-challenging.

It is her energy and her expert vision that allows her to consistently develop innovative media plans, and continue to deliver for her clients.

Isabel’s expertise include creativity, value and efficiencies.

Isabel has 20+ years in the industry and has worked on clients that include: Danone, Merck, Bell, McDonalds, Metro and Smart Set.

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